3 Reasons to Use High-Pressure Concrete Line Pumping on Your Site

Getting concrete to construction sites isn't always straightforward. While traditional concrete delivery works on some sites, some have special needs that make regular concreting unfeasible. In some cases, it's better to use a high-pressure line concrete-pumping solution. When is this a good option? 1. You Have Distance Problems Getting concrete into the right place on a site isn't always as easy as you think. Small sites sometimes have access problems; even larger sites might contain areas that are hard to reach. Read More 

Decorative Concrete: Three Essential Guidelines for Effective Stencilling

If you are planning on building a decorative concrete surface, you should think about stencilling. In general, stencilled concrete is advantageous because it allows the creation of beautiful and unique designs. These intricate designs are difficult to create using other approaches. There are also diverse decorative options to consider when stencilling. In addition, this method is fast and efficient. However, you should note that the results of concrete stencils will depend on your skill and choices. Read More 

4 Things That GPR Scanning Companies Need to Know Before Starting Work

Getting outstanding GPR (ground penetrating radar) images depends on how well you briefed the company that undertook the scanning exercise. This article discusses some of the things you should communicate during that briefing so that you get exceptional scan images of your concrete structure. Your Reason for Scanning You should reveal why you would like the concrete structure to be scanned. For instance, would you like to drill cores through the depth of the entire slab or through just part of it? Read More 

Why a Concrete Pump Is Better Than a Chute

Homeowners who would like to construct an extension to their homes have the option of selecting a concrete pump or a chute to deliver the concrete mix to the site of the pour. This article discusses some of the reasons why it would be wise to use a concrete pump instead of a chute during your construction project. Less Labour Concrete pumping systems require fewer employees when compared to a chute. Read More 

When Does a Stormwater Pit Need Cleaning?

If your property has a stormwater pit, you need to ensure it's cleaned out properly and that this is done as often as needed. That storm drain is meant to direct water away from your property so that it doesn't then collect around your home's foundation and cause damage and leaks. The pit and drain will also help prevent flooding on your property. However, that drain won't function properly if you don't have the stormwater pit cleaned as often as needed; note a few signs that it's time to have this done and then discuss this work with a cleaning contractor as needed. Read More