Considerations for Having Concrete Pavers Around a Pool

If you want to create a beautiful pool area, you need to think about possible materials. One option is concrete pavers. Here is some general information to help you decide whether they would work for you.

Are Concrete Pavers Suitable for Around a Pool Deck?

A pool deck needs to withstand splashing pool water, so it needs to be made of a material that can handle this. Concrete pavers are able to handle wear and tear that is common around pools. They can withstand chlorine and salt. With a paver pool deck, the water can settle along the joint lines and thus make the paving cooler. As the water is more evenly dispersed across the surface, you will be less likely to see puddles as well.

Concrete pavers are dense with a high cement and aggregate ratio to water. This concrete blend makes the paving quite non-porous and protects it from mildew. If you want to protect the pool deck further, you can seal it to lessen the effects of outdoor exposure.

What Decorative Options Do I Have?

Concrete pavers offer many design possibilities, as they are available in diverse shapes and colours. You can easily choose a style to complement different settings. If the pool is a classic square or Roman shape, you could use large square tiles that have similar crisp lines. You can get concrete tiles that mimic travertine if you want a stone look.

On the other hand, you might have a free-form pool with a fun and curvy aesthetic. You could then lay a pool deck with irregular-shaped pavers that have a casual and informal look. Lightly coloured pavers will absorb less heat than darkly coloured ones. They'll make the decking cooler on bare feet, which is another consideration.

If you want to extend the pool deck in the future, pavers make it relatively easy, as you can add more pavers around the sides. You will need to excavate the new spaces and create a sub-base first. You can add new pavers in the same shape and colour, so the deck extension is seamless. While the fresh pavers will appear newer at first, they will soon blend in as they're exposed to the weather.

How Are Pavers Laid for a Pool Deck?

You can lay concrete pavers on a gravel and sand subbase or a slab of concrete. The installers can either grout the pavers or place them on top of the base and use sand between the joints. If they use sand with a binding additive, it will become firm to a degree. Thus, you won't have to top up the sand as frequently as you otherwise would. If the pavers are fixed with grout, they will set hard, and they won't need a top-up of sand.

For more information about pavers, contact a local company.