When Does a Stormwater Pit Need Cleaning?

If your property has a stormwater pit, you need to ensure it's cleaned out properly and that this is done as often as needed. That storm drain is meant to direct water away from your property so that it doesn't then collect around your home's foundation and cause damage and leaks. The pit and drain will also help prevent flooding on your property. However, that drain won't function properly if you don't have the stormwater pit cleaned as often as needed; note a few signs that it's time to have this done and then discuss this work with a cleaning contractor as needed.

1. There is backflow when it's raining

You may not notice backflow from the stormwater pit when it's dry outside, but check the pit when it's raining. If it's experiencing backflow, this means it needs cleaning, as the pit and drain should be able to easily manage rainfall in your area. Don't assume that the pit just needs time to "catch up" with draining once the rain stops, as the water that has flowed back out of the drain will be absorbed by your property's soil and, in turn, may collect around your home or damage your property. If there is any bubbling or flowing out of the pit while rain is falling, even during a heavy storm, have it cleaned as needed.

2. There are "mushy" areas around the pit

If you walk along your property and notice that the lawn or soil around the pit is overly wet or "mushy," and especially if you can see or feel water coming up along the sides of your shoes, this often means the pit needs cleaning. That water is being absorbed by the soil when it should be drained away through the pit; if the soil is actually very damp, there is far too much water on the property and the pit needs cleaning or even other repair work done.

3. Your basement gets flooded

A flooded basement can be caused by many factors, but when your property has a stormwater pit, excess water on the property should be draining through that pit and the pipes under it. If not, it will usually collect around the home's foundation and then seep into the basement. If you've ruled out all other causes of a basement flood, including broken plumbing pipes and cracks in the foundation, check the stormwater pit and have it cleaned as necessary.