Benefits of Concrete Pavers Over a Concrete Slab

If you're planning a concrete patio, you may be deliberating whether to install poured concrete or concrete pavers. Pavers, though, provide several unique benefits that make it more functional and beautiful. Installation Pouring a slab of concrete is an involved process. The concrete will possibly be mixed on-site in a truck before being poured and smoothed. After that, it will take one to several days to cure until it's hard enough for you to walk over. Read More 

Car Park Repairs: 6 Quick Ways Contractors Renew Your Asphalt Car Park

An asphalt parking lot requires constant maintenance. If you fail to do so, it can quickly lose its appeal due to cracks and potholes. Your car also experiences more wear and tear on the tires when you're driving on a worn-out asphalt driveway. Here are some quick repair tips to revamp your parking lot. 1. Filing Potholes and Cracks Potholes give a poor driving experience in addition to damaging your car mechanically. Read More 

Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete for Your Retail Store Floor

Whether you're fitting out a new retail store or remodelling, you'll need to pick a flooring option. Whatever you go with will need to attract customers and withstand their foot traffic. Consider the following reasons to opt for concrete polishing. Shiny  When contractors polish concrete, they can create different levels of sheen, from matte to glossy. They buff the cement with progressively finer grits to generate increasing shine levels. A polished concrete floor will reflect light around your retail store giving it a bright appearance. Read More 

5 Benefits of Concrete Kerbing

Concrete kerbing offers an affordable and convenient way to maintain the edge of your loans. It also adds style and functionality as it clearly outlines the borders of your garden. Traditional kerbing solutions are prone to issues like plastic brittleness, wood rotting, and the movement of brick. Concrete kerbs eliminate these stresses and take the edge off the process and add a kerb appeal to your landscape. Continue reading for 5 incredible benefits of concrete kerbing. Read More 

Follow These Safety Procedures For Commercial Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping offers a fast and economical process of placing concrete during construction. The process also ensures you get a more productive and safer construction site. That is because it takes away the need for manual labour when pouring concrete. Activities such as raking that lead to back injuries are also eliminated. Though concrete pumping offers a lot of benefits, there are also risks involved in the process. Thus, you should follow certain safety measures during commercial concrete pumping. Read More