Why a Concrete Pump Is Better Than a Chute

Homeowners who would like to construct an extension to their homes have the option of selecting a concrete pump or a chute to deliver the concrete mix to the site of the pour. This article discusses some of the reasons why it would be wise to use a concrete pump instead of a chute during your construction project.

Less Labour

Concrete pumping systems require fewer employees when compared to a chute. For instance, one person can stand at the pump while another directs the hose to different delivery sites during a pour. However, several people are needed to set up the concrete chute so that the concrete mix can flow under the force of gravity. The higher labour cost of the chute system makes using a pump the most affordable option available to you.

Less Waste

Concrete pumps allow you to place the exact amount of concrete you want at a precise location. You can then turn off the nozzle of the delivery hose in order to prevent additional concrete from being poured where it isn't wanted. This level of precision is hard to achieve when you are using a chute. This is because it is hard to stop the flow of concrete down the chute once that material has been placed into the system. Consequently, the chutes are more wasteful because that excess material may harden as it is removed manually from the pour site.

Superior Mixes

The hydraulic system of a concrete pump can deliver concrete that contains as little water as your specifications require. However, it is hard to control the amount of water in the concrete that is going to be delivered using a chute. This is because extra water needs to be added in order to ensure that the concrete will be able to flow down that delivery system. The concrete with such high moisture content may not be as strong as the concrete that had a lower moisture content once curing has taken place.


You will have fewer restrictions, such as the length of the available hoses, regarding where you set up the concrete mixer if you intend to use a pump. This is because the pumping system is able to deliver concrete to high elevations or sub-grade locations during your project. However, those using chutes must always set up the mixing equipment above the location where the concrete will be poured. Such restrictions are necessary because gravity can't move materials to higher elevations.

As you can see, you will have fewer issues to grapple with if you opt to use a concrete pump instead of a chute during your project. Visit the concrete contractors in your area and get advice about the best type of pump that you can rent for your project. Talk to a company such as Hunter Concrete Pump Hire for more information.