Ideas for Laying Decorative Concrete Around Your Home

You probably know how durable concrete is and how long it lasts by seeing the same concrete driveways and paths in your neighbourhood for many years. There are likely more paving surfaces you pass every day that you don't realise are concrete. That's because decorative concrete is coloured and textured rather than plain grey. And it can mimic other substances and not even look like cement. You can use decorative concrete yourself around your property. Here are some ideas.


The driveway forms an entrance to your home, so why not make it beautiful? Stamped concrete can give the impression of natural stone pavers like slate or granite. Contractors press moulds or stamps onto the cement before it hardens to create grooves that look like grout lines. They layer the concrete with pigments, stains, and colour hardeners to create marbling and blend colours. The stamps come in various patterns, such as ashlar, herringbone, and running bond. You can even combine designs and colours on the driveway. For example, spread faux blue-grey pavers in the middle and create a border of golden-tan tiles.


You can also get creative by using decorative concrete on a patio. For example, you could use contrasting bands. One band could mimic tiles while another panel could be exposed aggregate. This alternating design could be repeated across the area.

Exposed aggregate is concrete filled with stones that protrude to create a pebbled texture, somewhat like a gravel surface but solid. You control its look by mixing stones of specific colours.

Consider the patio's size when choosing a design. An expansive area can accommodate contrasting designs without looking too busy. On a small patio, stick with a simple design that won't make it feel crowded.

Pool Deck

Decorative concrete is also perfect for a pool deck. There, you could lay stencilled concrete. Instead of stamps, contractors press stencils over the cement and apply colour to the exposed parts. One idea is to create paving that mimics square grey tiles, set diagonally to form diamond shapes.

Exposed aggregate and stamped concrete are also great for pool decks. You could opt for stamped concrete that emulates ivory travertine pavers. Or create exposed aggregate using sand, cream, and pale blue pebbles in colours reminiscent of the beach. Though texture helps create non-slip paving, concrete services can add anti-slip additives to the sealant to increase the pool deck's traction and make it safer.

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