Three Areas Of Your Home That Could Benefit From Concrete Over Other Materials

While you might think of concrete primarily as a material meant to be used but not seen, it has become more accepted as a flooring choice in many parts of the house due to the increased availability of more decorative options. If you are designing your home from scratch or maybe you just want to tear up some old rooms and renovate them completely, then you might want to start looking at adding residential concreting to your list of things to investigate. Here are a few rooms or areas of your home that could benefit from some good old-fashioned concrete.


A lot of people use tiles in most of their 'wet rooms' including their kitchen, bathroom and laundry. However, your laundry is virtually never seen by guests and tiles are far more expensive than concreting with no real benefit in this room of your home. If you don't like the more industrial look, you can always change it later, as concrete is very easy to add material on top, but most people don't end up doing this because they find the concrete more than enough and use that saved cash in other rooms of their house that are more prominently visible.


There are a lot of different types of pools out there, from fibreglass options to above-ground plastic pools. If you want a pool that has a unique shape that fits your needs and will also last for decades with little structural maintenance, then you need to use residential concreting contractors to achieve that. Concrete pools are stronger and can still be beautified if that is what you wish, with tiling or paint able to be added on top of the concrete surface to make it more appealing to guests and to let it blend in with your overall outdoor design. 

Outdoor Living Area

Many outdoor living areas are made up of some combination of masonry, tiling or decking, but if you want a large area that will not rot or decay in the many elements the outdoor Australian environment will throw at it, then concrete should be your first choice. Concrete is great for large outdoor areas with multiple levels that seamlessly glide into one another, and you can beautify it through the use of decorative aggregates that are sprinkled in the surface and polishing that makes it absolutely beautiful to look at in any weather condition. Concreting doesn't have to be boring, and your outdoor living area will benefit from the strength and longevity that the material provides as well. 

Reach out to a local home concreting contractor to learn more.