4 Things That GPR Scanning Companies Need to Know Before Starting Work

Getting outstanding GPR (ground penetrating radar) images depends on how well you briefed the company that undertook the scanning exercise. This article discusses some of the things you should communicate during that briefing so that you get exceptional scan images of your concrete structure.

Your Reason for Scanning

You should reveal why you would like the concrete structure to be scanned. For instance, would you like to drill cores through the depth of the entire slab or through just part of it? This information will help the GPR scanning services provider to select the best equipment to use in order to deliver the results that will enable you to attain your objectives easily.

Potential Obstructions

It is also important for you to tell the scanning company whether there are obstructions that can limit their access to the concrete structure that you would like them to scan. For instance, will the scanning crew need access equipment in order to reach the slab that you want to scan? Tell the GPR service provider whether you will be responsible for removing any obstructions to the scan site. This information will help them to plan accordingly before they visit your site to conduct the work.

Type of Materials

The ground penetrating radar scans will also be better suited to your needs if you reveal what type of materials surround the concrete that you would like to be scanned. For instance, you should inform the company about any waterproofing or insulating materials that are around the concrete structure. This information will enable the company to select the most appropriate equipment that can scan the concrete through the materials around that concrete.

The Age of the Concrete

The approximate age of the concrete can have an impact on how easily the GPR scanners can do their work at your premises. For instance, older concrete structures may have eroded soil beneath them. Other concrete structures may be fresh and may not have cured fully. Those two types of concrete structures may require different GPR scanning equipment. It would therefore be helpful for you to provide this information so that the provider of the scanning equipment plans accordingly before going to the site. Have all the information above when you want to select a company to provide GPR scanning services. That information will expedite the scanning process because the selected company may only have to send someone to verify the information that you provided. This verification process is likely to take a shorter time (and less money) than would have been required to gather that information using several people.