Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete for Your Retail Store Floor

Whether you're fitting out a new retail store or remodelling, you'll need to pick a flooring option. Whatever you go with will need to attract customers and withstand their foot traffic. Consider the following reasons to opt for concrete polishing.


When contractors polish concrete, they can create different levels of sheen, from matte to glossy. They buff the cement with progressively finer grits to generate increasing shine levels. A polished concrete floor will reflect light around your retail store giving it a bright appearance. Plus the surface shadows and reflections provide a sense of depth to the flooring. Of course, shiny surfaces always look ultra-fresh and clean as well, appealing to your customer's sensibilities.


Polished concrete creates a beautiful natural look across a floor. Cement usually contains gravel aggregates, the shapes and textures of which the buffing process will highlight. You can polish an existing slab in which case you're working with the base as it stands. However, if contractors pour new concrete, you can choose different coloured stones and pebbles to decorate the floor with your choice of hues and patterns.

The polish gives a sophisticated look, but the pebbles and stones keep it natural. This flooring tends to take on the ambience of the surrounding environment. For example, in a cafe with exposed plumbing and raw brick walls, it will evoke an industrial vibe. In a slick clothing store, it will create a classy look reminiscent of natural stone.

Resilient and Low Upkeep

Concrete forms an extremely strong surface, well suited to the foot traffic of daily customers. During the concrete polishing process, contractors apply a densifier which makes the surface stronger still. You'll not have to waste time on upkeep but will be able to get on with running your business as the floor will only necessitate regular sweeping and mopping. To bring out the polish in future years, contractors can rebuff the surface.

Thus, polished concrete creates an excellent option for retail stores. The shine reflects light and adds dimension for a brighter, more open feel. If the premises have an existing concrete slab in sound condition, you could polish that to bring out the aggregates for an appealing natural aesthetic. Otherwise, contractors can pour a new slab filled with your choice of aggregates. Plus, concrete forms resilient and tough surfaces without requiring much upkeep, leaving you to attend to running your business and keeping it profitable.