Follow These Safety Procedures For Commercial Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping offers a fast and economical process of placing concrete during construction. The process also ensures you get a more productive and safer construction site. That is because it takes away the need for manual labour when pouring concrete. Activities such as raking that lead to back injuries are also eliminated. Though concrete pumping offers a lot of benefits, there are also risks involved in the process. Thus, you should follow certain safety measures during commercial concrete pumping. 

Follow these safety guidelines during commercial concrete pumping.

Prepare the Construction Site

The first thing to do before concrete pumping is to create a safe space for the truck. The pumping truck needs a level and spacious area for the pump and outriggers. The site should also have enough space for truck traffic. Another aspect you should check in your construction site is the presence of powerlines. There should be a safe distance between your pumping site and the power lines. Proper site preparation decreases the risk of accidents. 

Secure and Clean the Pumping System

One common cause of accidents during concrete construction is an improper tie-down. There are support brackets that hold the pipeline in position. When setting up the support brackets, leave about 10 feet. That helps in taking the weight from the coupling joint. 

Cleaning the system every day after use is also important. But ensure you use the proper cleaning methods. Water is the safest and best way to clean the system. Thus, use it whenever possible. If you use compressed air to clean the pump, keep in mind that the pressure can build up. Sometimes the pressurised air remains in your device after you shut off the supply. So use a bleed-off valve on the device when using pressured air. 

Train Contractors on Proper Communication Signals

Construction sites tend to be noisy when there is work taking place. That makes it hard for contractors to hear each other during the project. Therefore, hand signals are important during a building project. These signals help contractors pass messages to each other. Thus, every contractor working around the concrete pump should understand the hand signals to use. That will help them understand each other so there will be less chance of accidents happening. 


Commercial concrete pouring offers many benefits for your construction firm. However, it is important to maintain the safety of your workers throughout the process. Use these safety tips to promote a safe construction site for your workers. That will help reduce the chance of accidents occurring and ensure a smooth running of the project. 

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