All You Need to Know about Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to its aesthetic features. If you do not know much about this surface solution, below is a brief about the material. What is it? This is a surfacing solution that makes use of decorative aggregate. Exposed aggregate can be compared to marble or granite that has been transformed by polishing. An aggregate by itself is a crushed rock which, along with cement, makes up a concrete. Read More 

Why Concrete Is A Perfect Choice of Construction Material for Warehouse Floors

The construction of a warehouse buildingis always a major project. This is because warehouses need to provide a suitable environment for the storage of items that require protection from the elements. The floor is the most important feature in any warehouse building. It bears the most brunt of normal warehouse traffic. For that reason, one of the things requiring careful consideration is the type of floor that should be installed. Read More 

Concrete Masonry: How to Prevent Premature Concrete Cracking

Cracks compromise the structural strength of concrete structures, but also degrade the aesthetics of the structures. Cracks are bound to form over time, but steps can be taken to prevent their premature formation. The best time to eliminate the cracks is when concreting is taking place. Here is a look at what professional concreters usually do to perform concrete crack repairs for their customers. Concrete mix design: Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand and aggregates with water. Read More 

Concrete Curing Explained

Concrete structures are built to last for decades upon decades. This derives from the fact that concrete is among the most structurally sound building materials used in today's construction industry. DIY-minded homeowners are aware that concrete needs to be allowed to cure, but few understand the intricacies of the curing process. It's not just about allowing the concrete time to dry. The discussion below highlights a few facts about the curing process. Read More 

Kerb Dropped!

Adapting to a new life as a wheelchair user can be difficult both physically and psychologically. With time however, you'll come to appreciate the truth in the phrase 'disability is not inability.' Of the various adjustments you'll have to make, dropping a section of the raised kerb around your residential premises is among the most important. A dropped kerb will make it easier to access the kerb-enclosed areas of the landscape. Read More