Why Concrete Is A Perfect Choice of Construction Material for Warehouse Floors

The construction of a warehouse building is always a major project. This is because warehouses need to provide a suitable environment for the storage of items that require protection from the elements. The floor is the most important feature in any warehouse building. It bears the most brunt of normal warehouse traffic. For that reason, one of the things requiring careful consideration is the type of floor that should be installed.

Concrete flooring is the most popular floor type installed in most warehouses across Australia. There are lots of good reasons for this. Here are a few credible explanations why you should consider installing a concrete floor when you are building a new warehouse.

Tough and long-lasting

Warehouses are heavy traffic buildings. Warehouse employees keep moving all over the place as they sort and place items on shelves, racks, pallets, in bins or to other designated locations. All the while, they may be operating or dragging wheeled handling equipment, such as rolling carts, hand trucks, dollies, scissor lifts, goods lifts, pallet jacks or even forklift trucks on the floor. If the floor is not built strong enough to hold out against the heavy traffic, it will wear out early.

The hard nature of properly mixed concrete that is poured and cured makes the material a durable choice for warehouse applications. For extra durability, warehouse floors should be coated and sealed correctly. When signs of surface wear eventually start to show, this does not mark the beginning of the end for your concrete flooring. Old concrete can be reinstated by fixing any surface blemishes, refinishing and then resealing the surface of the floors.

Easy to maintain

When provided with a high-quality coating finish and sealed properly, concrete flooring is generally a lot easier to maintain compared to many other flooring options. All that is required to keep the floor looking good is regular cleaning with a wet mop. Manufacturer recommended cleaners should be used when cleaning concrete floors, as some commercially available cleaners may contain harsh chemicals that can tarnish the coating. Aside from that, it is important to clean up any accidental spills immediately; if left to remain on your floors for too long, they may become harder to clean off.


As safety is important in any workstation, a concrete floor can be textured to give a rough finishing that will improve its slip-resistance. In this regard, concrete finishes such as epoxy coatings can be a perfect choice for warehouses.