Considerations for Having Concrete Pavers Around a Pool

If you want to create a beautiful pool area, you need to think about possible materials. One option is concrete pavers. Here is some general information to help you decide whether they would work for you. Are Concrete Pavers Suitable for Around a Pool Deck? A pool deck needs to withstand splashing pool water, so it needs to be made of a material that can handle this. Concrete pavers are able to handle wear and tear that is common around pools. Read More 

Ways to Make a Concrete Driveway Look Organic

You may think of concreting the driveway of your home but want an option that looks natural and not fabricated as grey smooth concrete can look at times. In that case, you could lay decorative concrete. This paving can be treated to give it a natural look that harmonises with a garden environment. Here are three ways concrete can be customised to look organic. Textures   One reason smooth concrete doesn't look natural is that many surfaces in nature are textured rather than even. Read More 

Need To Hire A Slipform Concrete Contractor? 4 Steps To Maintain A Safe Worksite

If you own a construction company, and you have plans for a slipform concrete construction project, the first thing you need to do is hire a slipform contractor. Unlike some concrete methods, slipform concrete construction should be facilitated by an experienced contractor. Once you've hired a contractor for the job, you'll need to get your safety plans in order. You'll need to keep the worksite safe and secure for your crew. Read More 

Ideas for Laying Decorative Concrete Around Your Home

You probably know how durable concrete is and how long it lasts by seeing the same concrete driveways and paths in your neighbourhood for many years. There are likely more paving surfaces you pass every day that you don't realise are concrete. That's because decorative concrete is coloured and textured rather than plain grey. And it can mimic other substances and not even look like cement. You can use decorative concrete yourself around your property. Read More 

Three Areas Of Your Home That Could Benefit From Concrete Over Other Materials

While you might think of concrete primarily as a material meant to be used but not seen, it has become more accepted as a flooring choice in many parts of the house due to the increased availability of more decorative options. If you are designing your home from scratch or maybe you just want to tear up some old rooms and renovate them completely, then you might want to start looking at adding residential concreting to your list of things to investigate. Read More