4 Attributes of Ideal Locations for Liquid Limestone Floors

Are you wondering whether it would be advisable for you to install a liquid limestone floor on your residential property? Read on and discover some key attributes of a suitable location for a liquid limestone floor. Use this information to decide whether your property would benefit from this flooring option.

No Acid Rain

Liquid limestone easily reacts with acidic solutions. It is therefore advisable to avoid installing it in an area where acidic rainfall is common. This is because that acidic rain would degrade the limestone floor quickly and shorten its service life. Alternatively, you should consider using this flooring option indoors where there is no chance that acidic rain will damage it.

Limited Moisture Exposure

Liquid limestone floors are porous. Consequently, they will easily be stained once they are exposed to moisture. The stains develop because the moist sections can become discoloured after absorbing any water or moisture to which they are exposed. It is therefore advisable for you to avoid installing this flooring material in a location, such as a bathroom, that is frequently exposed to large amounts of moisture. Instead, opt to install a liquid limestone floor in bedrooms and other locations where moisture exposure is limited. You can also increase the moisture resistance of liquid limestone by applying a water-resistant sealing product.

Low Traffic

Liquid limestone is also relatively soft. Consequently, any abrasive substance that it is exposed to can easily damage the material. It is therefore advisable to avoid installing liquid limestone floors in heavy-traffic areas, such as hallways. This is because such heavy foot traffic is likely to introduce sand and other particles that can damage the floor as they are dragged over it. Doormats and area rugs can provide some protection from abrasion.

Low Chemical Exposure

It may not be wise to install a liquid limestone floor in your garage. This is particularly true in case you service or store your landscaping equipment there. Such equipment may have leaks of substances, such as oil and petrol, which can react with and damage the floor. It will therefore be very hard for you to keep such a floor looking attractive if the different chemicals in the gardening equipment stain it.

Talk to a liquid limestone contractor about any concerns that you may have about using this flooring material. That professional will advise you about the different options that are available to address some of the shortcomings that you may be concerned about.