Four Benefits of Curing Concrete Indoors and Offsite

Precast concrete is poured into a mold and cured off-site. Then, the finished product is brought to the worksite and put into place. There are numerous benefits to using precast concrete, but in particular, some key benefits relate to curing the concrete inside. Here are some of the reasons you may want to rely on indoor curing and pre-cast concrete.

1. Weather is not a concern.

When you pour concrete on site, the weather conditions such as air temperature and humidity affect how the concrete cures. This is particularly true during projects located outdoors. The weather can slow the curing process down or simply result in inconsistencies. In some cases, the weather can even cause delays as you wait for temps to be more hospitable to curing.

If you use precast concrete, however, you don't have to worry about any of these weather-related issues. Instead, you can simply cure the concrete inside and then have it delivered to your work site ready to go.

2. Indoor curing can be accelerated.

Aside from protecting your project from the vagaries of weather, indoor curing also offers an environment that you can easily manipulate. In particular, it is possible for precast concrete professionals to create ideal conditions for accelerated curing. If you need concrete quickly for a project or a repair, this can be very useful.

3. Precast curing is easily replicated.

The high level of control offered with indoor curing makes it easy to replicate the process over and over again. If you are working on a project such as a bridge, a roadway or anything else that requires a lot of similar pieces, you also may prefer turning to a precast concrete professional. Thanks to a mold and precise curing temperatures, they can easily create the same type of concrete repeatedly with little variation.

4. Ready-to-go concrete saves time at the work site.

Even if you could replicate the benefits of indoor curing on site at your project, you still have to think about the time involved. In particular, when you bring in pieces of concrete that are ready to use, you eliminate down time. Instead of waiting while the concrete cures, your crew can pop in one bit of precast concrete and then move immediately to the next step of the project.

To learn more about the benefits of curing concrete inside or other aspects of precast concrete, contact a precast concrete professional today to talk about your project.